Laser Cutting in Cudahy

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Laser Cutting Capabilities For Your Needs

C R Industries, Inc. can laser cut up to ¾” mild steel. We can also cut up to 3/8″ aluminum plate and ½” stainless steel in Cudahy.

Precision & Speed Laser Cutting in Cudahy

Laser Cutting in Cudahy at CR Industries

CRI is a complete, full-service metal-cutting company with over 37 years of experience and growth. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service while taking care of our customers and employees. CRI is one of the top laser cutting companies in Cudahy, WI. We have three laser cutting systems that include two automated load/unload lasers that allow us to operate “lights out” and around the clock.

Laser Cutting in Cudahy Capacity / Features

  • ¾” Mild steel
  • Machine 1

    4000 watt CO2, 4′ x 8′ bed, CNC 1/4″ aluminum

  • Machine 2

    2000 watt CO2, 5′ x 10′ bed, autoload 1/4″ stainless steel

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7 Advantages of Laser Cutting in Cudahy

  • Laser cutting prototype parts allows the designer to quickly change or alter the part with very little extra cost.
  • Quick turnaround time with zero tooling costs.
  • High quality, tight tolerance parts. Typically holds a standard tolerance of +/-0.005″.
  • Ability to “nest” your parts to reduce scrap and lower piece part costs.
  • Allow you to make very intricate parts with odd or custom geometric shapes.
  • Make parts from all types of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and acrylics.
  • Quick changeovers from one part to another with very little setup time.

Whether you need prototypes made or have a large volume job, we are the laser cutting company you are looking for. We offer laser cutting in Cudahy and take your design from the planning stage to prototype, to production, to painting, assemble, pack out, and deliver. We can work on a one-run basis, to blanket orders, or Kanban releases. We are ready to make your next project a success! Visit us on our LinkedIn page to see more updates from C R Industries, LLC.

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